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Sooo. Went for night cycling with the happy bunch on Friday. Tired like whoaaa after that. I don't know how crystal managed to stay relatively awake despite working the whole day.

I think they had big plans to celebrate mooncake festival but hahaha. Totally gone by the time we reached ecp.

It's something to do before we get too old to do this kind of shit I guess. The happy bunch like trying to act young like that. First go zoo, then have water gun fights and now go night cycling. I swear we need to do something normal the next time we meet up. Still very fun though. But let's not pay to torture ourselves anymore yah?

I'm going to stay away from night cycling for a loooong time.

Anyway, the (fake) midterm break is here. But the sad thing is that I'm going back to school more often than I do during normal weeks. Bleh.

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No, srsly.

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