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I swear it's damn dangerous to walk away from the colleagues during lunch.

You see, we've acquired this habit of playing 终极密码 almost everyday after lunch (and pissing the rest of the office off in the process). 7 cups of water, pork floss+chilli sauce+water...we've done it all over the past few days.

Anyway, cannot walk away from them man. Instant plotting once anybody walks away. Everybody too scared to even go drag a chair into the pantry. But some super suay people will still kenna even when they know the number. And everybody knows that we're all trying to sabo each other so it's super funny the ways we try to get the number known to the rest. We've come up with seekrit code and formula for tomorrow's game already.

Battle of 3rd floor vs. 8th floor tomorrow. muahahaha

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yup, it's damm dangerous :)

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