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Because Sarah poked.
Whuut. I don't update because there's nothing interesting happening. And because I'm lazy. And because eljaay is terribly slow. Ok. Mainly because I'm lazy.

And not all of you are in club amoeba lor. It's subject to my approval. Because I said so. BAHAHAH. Crystal and Geok are in.

Oh yah I wasted my entire weekend. Took 1 hour to get to school for a 20min meeting yesterday. People need to stop having meetings for the sake of having meetings. And then I spent the entire afternoon playing some lame game instead of doing my Inter Biz readings.

I really should be doing my Pfizer slides but MEHH. All that financial data is zzz.

Until someone pokes again/something exciting happens.


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hey president. Why am I not in your club???

Because you're a temporary/pseudo-amoeba. Haha. =)

Yeh Lj damn slow! So irritating!

Amoeba wannabless.

Nuh uh. I has James Franco.

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