last class ever.
wow. I just had my last class in SMU. That's it. End of 4 years of uni and 16 years of education.  

Hmmmm. I think it hasn't quite set in yet. Might be because I still have 2 reports and 1 exam to get through. But yay, no more boring 7pm classes. :)

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sukaruret's about a month before cny and my dad is doing his yearly spring roll thing. Me, being the nice daughter that I am, always end up helping.

For those of you who are still not convinced that i can cook (this is technically not cooking but whateverrrr.)

student by day, free labour by nightCollapse )

Shitloads of work but super yummy. Will see if I feel like making the flower cookies this year. hehe.

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Sooo. Went for night cycling with the happy bunch on Friday. Tired like whoaaa after that. I don't know how crystal managed to stay relatively awake despite working the whole day.

I think they had big plans to celebrate mooncake festival but hahaha. Totally gone by the time we reached ecp.

It's something to do before we get too old to do this kind of shit I guess. The happy bunch like trying to act young like that. First go zoo, then have water gun fights and now go night cycling. I swear we need to do something normal the next time we meet up. Still very fun though. But let's not pay to torture ourselves anymore yah?

I'm going to stay away from night cycling for a loooong time.

Anyway, the (fake) midterm break is here. But the sad thing is that I'm going back to school more often than I do during normal weeks. Bleh.

I swear it's damn dangerous to walk away from the colleagues during lunch.

You see, we've acquired this habit of playing 终极密码 almost everyday after lunch (and pissing the rest of the office off in the process). 7 cups of water, pork floss+chilli sauce+water...we've done it all over the past few days.

Anyway, cannot walk away from them man. Instant plotting once anybody walks away. Everybody too scared to even go drag a chair into the pantry. But some super suay people will still kenna even when they know the number. And everybody knows that we're all trying to sabo each other so it's super funny the ways we try to get the number known to the rest. We've come up with seekrit code and formula for tomorrow's game already.

Battle of 3rd floor vs. 8th floor tomorrow. muahahaha

Updating from work for the first (and probably the last time). The internet is strangely unblocked today. Came in this morning from the crappy weather and found out that twitter and gmail was back. yayness. Bet it'll be gone by tomorrow though. So I'll soon be facebook, twitter, gmail, hotmail, eljay-less. sads.

But anyway work here is still suuuper boring, but at least im surrounded by other temps. and payday is coming soon. yayness. :)

oh noes.
My prof totally said "OH NOES" in class. The same one who goes "eeek".

ok random bye.

photography is fun.
That was pretty fun. Bit rusty with the camera though. Need to do this more often. Go to facebook for the full album.

I quote Crystal Chin, "why chris squatting at the tree like ahpek". LOL.

Because Sarah poked.
Whuut. I don't update because there's nothing interesting happening. And because I'm lazy. And because eljaay is terribly slow. Ok. Mainly because I'm lazy.

And not all of you are in club amoeba lor. It's subject to my approval. Because I said so. BAHAHAH. Crystal and Geok are in.

Oh yah I wasted my entire weekend. Took 1 hour to get to school for a 20min meeting yesterday. People need to stop having meetings for the sake of having meetings. And then I spent the entire afternoon playing some lame game instead of doing my Inter Biz readings.

I really should be doing my Pfizer slides but MEHH. All that financial data is zzz.

Until someone pokes again/something exciting happens.


zomg I can type properly again!


It's a happy happy day when your backspace works again. =)

And TV season is starting! XD

ETA: This is made of win.

first week at work =)
house boo
Soooo...Just finished my first week at work. Quite ok la. HAHAHA.

People here are quite nice. But pretty extreme ah. Either cheena or melayu. Then I can hear them bitching about each other in chinese/malay. Good thing I can understand both. Hehh. Entertainment.

Mainly filing, sorting, printing blah blah blah for the first few days. Brainless shit but I don't mind. Started using my brain today for some EOS thing. ZOMG. So many things to do today. Hope i'll be less of a noob next week.


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